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The story of Ultania, land of the dragons [Under construction]

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The story of Ultania, land of the dragons [Under construction]

Post by Hiukuss on Mon Jan 02, 2012 2:13 pm

This is the story written of the ancient land Ultania, land of the dragons. Ultania got the name whenever minecraftians first discovered the land and had there first encounter with a dragon that was not of Ender.

The minecraftians saw that the land was rich in resources, and had oddly warm weather in some parts, so they decided to settle in this seemingly friendly new continent. They settled quickly because winter was approaching, and they were near the mountains of Kragthor, supposedly infested with frost dragons. The leader is known as Whitewind. The Kragthor mountains were to the North, and the Konjin mountains to the South. The Konjin mountains were also known as the Mountains of Fire. And what lives there, is the mightiest and deadliest of dragons, Karathuul.

Karathuul is the deadly leader of the Fire Dragons of Ultania, also known as Black Dragons. There are also mountains with dragons to the East and West, but they are rather friendly dragons. To the East are the Green Dragons or Nature Dragons and to the West there are Rock Dragons or Bronze Dragons. Those dragons are rather friendly, as long as you don't offend them. Karathuul and Whitewind have been fighting because there fathers fought when they were children, so they naturally hated each other. The two dragons only had one war, and it was the largest war the world has ever seen. It spawned so many evils in the world that it was no longer safe to venture out at night. The minecraftians had it with fighting with the dragons, so they made a massive city known as Civitas levi.

Civitas levi was the first city to rise in Ultania, and currently is one of the largest. It has three massive districts. The poor district, the middle district and the rich district. The city leader is Hiukuss, he founded the city and constructed a massive wall and army to keep the dragons out. Hiukuss' origins are unknown, he joined with the travelers when they were at the border of soon-to-be Ultania.
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Re: The story of Ultania, land of the dragons [Under construction]

Post by amoeba1 on Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:48 pm


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