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Chest-Shop how-to

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Chest-Shop how-to Empty Chest-Shop how-to

Post by Hiukuss on Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:12 pm

How to create a chest-shop:

- Place a chest, if you haven't already.
- Place a sign 1 block near the chest (for example, above the chest)
- On the sign, write:

Chest-Shop how-to Mcsign

(Item name can actually be item ID or alias)
First line will be filled in by the plugin automatically.
Price is a combination of buy and sell price.
You have to have B near buy price (people buy from you), and S near sell price (people sell to you).
If you have both B and S, separate them with a colon - :
For example:
Chest-Shop how-to Example

means that AcrobotPL wants to sell 64 diamonds for 10 currency, and buy them back from you for 5 currency.
Also, if you put "free" instead of price, it is free to buy or sell

Are you an admin? Need more help? Read below for ALL of the help.

What is an Admin Shop?
Admin shop is the shop that doesn't require a chest, because it has infinite stock.
If you sell to it, the items will disappear, and if you buy from it, items will magically appear.
To create one, you have to be Admin/OP. Just put "Admin Shop" (or anything specified in config file) on the first line of the sign.

Restricting shops to some groups
You can either use permissions, or you can just put a sign ABOVE shop sign (you need to be OP/Admin) to restrict it to some groups (Permissions 2/3 only), or to players with ChestShop.group.groupName permission (All permission plugins)
The syntax is:
Only those groups will be able to use that shop.

You could buy and sell by right and left clicking the sign for a long time.
Now it's the only way to use the shops.
Just LEFT-CLICK to SELL to shop, and
RIGHT-CLICK to BUY from shop.
(This can be changed in the config file)

If you want to delete your old shop, simply SNEAK and destroy the sign.
It's that easy =)

You can either open the chest and stock it up, or click on your own sign - it will open chest's inventory (that way you can have chests not openable by other people for sure Very Happy)

ItemInfo command
It's a simple command that shows item information.
If you use it without any arguments, it shows you information about the item you're holding.
If you specify item id or item name after the command, it will show you information about that item.
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